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Dakota’s Equestrian Dreams Come True

Dakota wished to go horseback riding PHOTO: Charr Crail

“ Riding makes Dakota feel happy and free. ”

Wish kid Dakota sometimes feels lonely and misunderstood. But she’s able to find comfort through bonding with her brother, who has the same blood disorder. Her wish provides another escape from her medical condition - and it shows her that so much is still possible in her life.

Growing up in a city, Dakota wasn’t able to have the pet she most desired: a horse. She longed to have fields and stables, filled with horses that she could ride and train. Surrounded by buildings and houses, she felt confined in a place where a horse would never be welcomed. When it came time to make her wish, she knew that it needed to be something that related to horses.

After some research, Dakota found out that there was a stable that offered horse riding lessons very close to her house. This was her opportunity to get up close and personal. She might not be able to own a horse of her very own, but she could at least learn to ride one.

Hopping into the car with her dad, Dakota traveled to the nearby stable to check out the facilities and begin her horse riding lessons. Riding makes her feel happy and free. She’s able to forget about her pain and treatments for a little while and enjoy feeling like a normal kid again.

  • Dakota rides a horse during one of her lessons.
    PHOTO: Charr Crail

  • Here Dakota learns to put on a saddle, an important part of her horse riding lessons.
    PHOTO: Charr Crail

  • Dakota hugs her new friend during one of her riding lessons.
    PHOTO: Charr Crail

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