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Project Ideas

  • Kids For Wish Kids celebrating their success.

  • Every penny helps.

  • A Kids For Wish Kids team raised money at a Walk For Wishes event.

  • A single kid or a group can help make a difference.

  • The more kids helping, the more wishes we grant.

  • Kids feel great knowing they are helping other kids.

  • Kids For Wish Kids Jam The Dam.

Opportunities to raise funds through the Kids For Wish Kids® program are endless! You can select from the ideas below, or come up with your own fundraising idea.

Remember to get approval from your local chapter before starting a fundraiser.

Coin Drive: 
Arrange a contest between grades or classrooms to see who can collect the most change. Ask everyone to contribute spare change for a week or set period of time.

Student/Faculty Basketball Game: 
Set up a benefit basketball game between students and faculty.

Talent Show or Concert:
Get your friends together to perform a talent show or concert and charge admission.

Dress down day:  
If your school has a dress code, see if you can can contribute a small fee to wear casual clothes or a hat to school for the day.

Sell treats:
Host a bake sale at school or sell pizza at lunch. Ask your friends, parents and neighbors to participate by donating items for the sale.

Star Sales:  
Sell Make-A-Wish paper stars to hang around the classroom, school lunchroom or office. Contact your local chapter to get your paper stars. 


Turn your birthday or graduation celebration into a day of awareness. Ask guests to donate to
Make-A-Wish instead of buying gifts.

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