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Amelia Aims to Take Care of the World

Amelia cleaning up a local park as part of her wish to take care of the world. Rebecca Allen Photography

“ This reinforces my belief that people are good. ”

Amelia just didn’t make a big deal of it. She didn’t act like it was about her. She just acted like it was a day doing something good for her community.

The hundreds of people at three different Kansas City parks felt differently, which is why they gave time on their Saturday to be part of her wish to take care of the world. 

A Wish Sparked by Challenge

During her brain cancer treatment regimen, Amelia and her grandmother would leave the hospital and walk together at a nearby park. They would pick up trash, just to leave the park a little better than they found it.

Clearly, that simple act sparked something in Amelia.

Her volunteer wish granters, Jessi and Rachel, spoke with Amelia to discover her one true wish. She explained to them that she wanted to take care of the world. 

“It doesn’t look nice and another reason is because it can stay dirty and it can get animals sick,” Amelia said.

Together, they proposed ideas that would reflect the soul of her idea and bring it to life in a meaningful way. That’s where the idea to clean up three local parks came to life.

Standing Together for an Extraordinary Wish 

The day her wish came true, the air had enough chill for Amelia to wear long sleeves and a pink hat shaped like a pig; the hat also took attention away from her hair loss. 

But the chill had little impact on the hundreds who were ready to surprise Amelia. And they along with [wish-granting volunteers] are who truly brought the wish to life.

Amelia’s wish captured attention online all across the world. People tweeted using the #ameliaswish to not only show their support, but also to let her know that they organized cleanups in their own communities. She watched tweets - some even from A-list celebrities - scroll across a smartphone with Jessi. The mayor of Kansas City met Amelia and declared Feb. 27, 2016, to be her “Take Care of the World Day.”

The far-reaching interest in Amelia’s wish amazed her mother, Jill. 

“Hundreds of people gave up their Saturday to pick up trash with my daughter," Jill said. "They had nothing to gain but making a little girl's wish come true. The way they rallied and made something that was important to her important to them reinforces my belief that people are good.”

In the Days After

The Internet buzzed about Amelia in the weeks following her wish. It showed not only how generous wish kids can be, but it showed how people like you step forward to change lives in communities across the nation.

  • A local news station interviews Amelia.
    Rebecca Allen Photography

  • Amelia, her wish granter and a friend prepare for the park clean up.
    Rebecca Allen Photography

  • It's more than just another day at the park.
    Rebecca Allen Photography

  • A clear blue sky adorns this memorable occasion.
    Rebecca Allen Photography

  • Friends of Amelia join her in picking up trash.
    Rebecca Allen Photography

  • A pink hat, a smile and three clean parks marks Amelia's wish.
    Rebecca Allen Photography

  • Supporters stand together to support Amelia's wish.
    Rebecca Allen Photography

  • The local community rallies around Amelia.
    Rebecca Allen Photography

  • Amelia and her family celebrate taking care of the world.
    Rebecca Allen Photography

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