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Disney Trip is Source of Strength for Wish Kid's Family

Camden wished to go to Walt Disney World® Resort

“ Strength is in our words, actions and in our souls. ”

Thank You Disney

I have never really been a crier. It never was my thing, especially in front of people, until the past few months. Now it feels like I can't stop. I'm not sure a day has passed where I haven't cried.

This is just one small glimpse – a peek into the world of a mother whose son is facing Duchenne muscular dystrophy. These are the emotions that Lindsey deals with as she watches Camden try his very best to live just like any other boy his age. His love for video games and baseball make him seem normal and let the entire family forget for a few moments all that Camden endures.

Lindsey wrote that Camden’s childhood has been stolen, that her dreams for him are gone. The entire family, though, is determined to show their strength – and to measure Camden’s time in quality rather than days, months or years.

Strength is fighting a battle together as a family and lending each of our own different strengths to Camden whenever he fails. Strength is in our words, actions and in our souls. It is knowing who you are and what you are capable of no matter what limits and fate you are given.”

Camden’s family worked together to give him a chance to experience as many of the good parts of life as possible. That’s why Lindsey referred Camden for a wish. She knew it would open possibilities for him. And there was no possibility more meaningful and important for him than the chance to go to Walt Disney World® Resort.

Volunteers in Camden’s community met with him and planned a Disney experience. They hoped to surprise him by going even beyond what he believed was possible. His itinerary included a stay at a resort dedicated to being a sanctuary for kids like Camden. There, he’d be among kids who understand him and wouldn’t treat him any differently. His parents would be among others who understand the struggle, the day-to-day battles to just keep their emotions in check while still being there for the rest of the family.

And let’s not forget the theme parks … the characters, the music, the rides!

That night at the Electric Light Parade, he … was so excited! That's what these trips are all about!

This was a time for Camden to think about the really important stuff, like his favorite Disney character: "Captain Hook! He is the funniest!"

While he favors Captain Hook, Camden turned toward sci-fi in selecting the right Mickey Ears hat; he sported an R2D2 hat to go along with his Make-A-Wish shirt, which he adorned with buttons featuring Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse and other characters.

After Camden’s incredible week rolling his wheelchair through all the Florida theme parks, he had to return to the reality of his illness. He went immediately to his doctor to begin infusion therapies and steroids.

But somehow, it all seemed a bit more manageable. He could face his treatments with more optimism.

Lindsey will still shed tears because of Camden’s illness and treatments. But at least a few of them will come from joy – from knowing that people who care gave Camden a chance to live exactly the type of life he deserves.


  • A stuffed dog and a blanket help Camden get through a treatment

  • Camden dresses as Captain Hook for a Disney Halloween celebration.

  • Finding a smile, even while visiting the doctor.

  • Camden and his siblings hit Main Street

  • Camden’s personality gives everyone around him a reason to smile.

  • Camden with his mom

  • Camden is just about to take flight!

  • Four happy kids finding a bit of happy normality in their day.

  • Camden and his brother show their ears.

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